Thank you for downloading NextGoing

NextGoing was developed to provide a fast & friendly way to view nearby departures for: Bus, Tram, Metro, VLine and Night Rider services in Victoria.

Just click on the icon and the app will locate you; lookup the closest stops; then display the next departures for each stop around you on an easy to navigate map.

The time from starting the app to displaying the information is only limited by the time your phone takes to get a GPS lock; as well as the time PTV takes to respond with the list of departures.

Quick Start

Key Features




Real-time tracking where available

PTV make real-time tracking information (delays) available on most tram, train and bus services. They are yet to enable it on VLine services at the time of release.

When real-time data is available the departure time of the service is color coded.

PTV flag when a Metro service is at the platform. NextGoing will visually alert users to this by highlighting the departure in a faded red background to ensure you get onboard quickly.

Note - PTV has chosen not to display real-time tracking information for any trains leaving Flinders St station. For more information please visit:

Service Information

PTV adds service and disruption information notices to some services. If there is information available; a small information icon appears on the right. Clicking anywhere on the departure will expand the window to include service information notices for that entry.

Stop Detailed Information

To see all stops for a specific departure, long press on the departure you're interested in and a detailed stop by stop view will be retrieved. Hit back to return.

Platform information for Trains

Departure information for Metro trains includes the Platform that service is running on. As well as an indication when the train is at the platform (see real time information).

Unfortunately, PTV are yet to provide this information for VLine services at the time of this release. When this is made available the app will automatically display it.

Refresh for updates

To get the latest updates for your displayed area; click on the refresh button on the top right hand corner of the map to see updated information for your departures.

Browse other suburbs/destinations

After your initial 'closest' services have been displayed on the map, you can scroll the map around to other areas/suburbs in order to look up info at your next or future destination. To zoom out hit the Google maps '-' button then scroll and zoom back in with the Google maps '+' button.

Once you've settled on a new location; long press on the Google map and the app will re-run the PTV service lookup for this location.

Support for phones without GPS

While the app cannot locate you automatically, you can still utilise almost all of the features of the application.

The map will still be displayed (showing the Melbourne CBD by default) and you can scroll to your current location and long press on the Google map to manually initiate the PTV service lookup. From this point on all features and functions within NextGoing operate the same way.

Note - If you are running in this mode; you'll find the use of Favourites (refer below) and the Setting for Initial Location (Melbourne CBD) useful in speeding up your first lookup.

Set favourite areas

Often you'll only want to check the next departures for a few common locations; say home, work or a favourite night spot. In order to make this easier we've provided the ability to define favourite locations.

Go to your initial lookup or one selected by a long press on the Google map. Long press on the commuter icon a second time and a dialog box will open to create a favourite. Give it a name and click OK. You can now quickly go to this favourite location at any time via the menu (using the menu button on your phone if you have one,or from the android three dot menu icon on the application status bar).

A dialog box will open asking you if you'd like to create a favourite area for quick access later on. Give it a name and click OK and you're done. You can now quickly go to this favourite area at any time either via the menu (menu button on your phone if you have one - or from the android three dot menu icon on the application status bar).

You can also access this favourite via a home-screen short-cut described below.

You can only have 5 favourites.

Filter the services you see

NextGoing gives you the ability to filter all services you're interested in.

Go to the settings menu to create a filter for Bus, Tram, Metro and VLine services of interest. This will allow control over your display.

The filtered list is a singular or comma separated list of lines to display.

Below are examples:

Filter Tram Routes: 57,59 - Show only the Maribynong and Airport West lines

Filter Bus Routes: 216,219,220 - Show only the Sunshine services

Filter Metro Lines: Frankston - Show only the Frankston line services

Filter VLine Lines: Bendigo - Show only the Bendigo line services

Note: The VLine filter is pre-populated with the common lines used today. VLine offer combined Train/Coach services to many destinations which appear as duplicates for the core lines which could be confusing. Add and remove to meet your requirements.

Create short-cuts on the Home Screen

NextGoing can display up to Five (5) Favourites as a widget on the home screen.

Once favourite locations are created use the android widget functionality to add a NextGoing widget on the home screen. Follow the standard widget creation process for your version of Android.

The widget will display your favourites as a set of short-cut buttons which when tapped will load NextGoing and take you straight to your favourite location and display the next going services.

This approach has the benefit of skipping any GPS lock making it the fastest way to get information for your location.

If no favourites have been set up when you create the widget; you'll see a default GPS widget which launches the application as normal. This gets replaced when you create your first favourite.


Initial Location

This is the latitude and longitude of the initial map display. Changing this is only useful if you do not use the GPS feature. This is the default location for the initial lookup of PTV Services.

The default initial location is the Melbourne CBD


This setting decides whether the application is to use the GPS at start up. This option is only enabled if Location Services is available on your phone and if you've granted any requested permissions.

The default setting is to use the GPS

GPS Timeout

This is the timeout in seconds the application will wait for a GPS location lock. Android responds once per second with GPS updates on your current location however most phones take time to get a fix. If your phone is indoors or in a covered environment this can take time.

Setting a timeout lets NextGoing continue (possibly with a less accurate result) if the fix isn't complete.

The default GPS Timeout value is 20 seconds

GPS Accuracy

As with the GPS timeout, this setting defines how accurately you want the GPS fix to be. A wider range (say 100m) gets a faster result than a highly precise one. However the starting point for the PTV Search may be further away from your actual position.

The default GPS Accuracy is 100m

PTV Radius

This is the size of the area around you to look for PTV stops and services. A wider radius will bring back more information and take longer to collect.

Be aware that there are thousands of services available in the CBD so it's worth limiting your range as close as possible to your requirements.

The default PTV radius is 250m

PTV Timeout

This is the time in seconds you want to wait for PTV to respond. If you are in a poor reception area with limited internet access you may want to shorten this value and retry any request that fails.

The default PTV timeout is 10s

Filter Bus Routes

This is a comma separated list of bus lines you're interested in.

There are no default Bus Routes filtered.

Filter Tram Routes

This is a comma separated list of Tram lines you're interested in.

There are no default Tram Routes filtered.

Filter Metro Lines

This is a comma separated list of Metro Train lines you're interested in.

There are no default Metro Lines filtered.

Filter VLine Lines

This is a comma separated list of VLine Train lines you're interested in.

The default list of lines to be filtered is: Bairnsdale,Geelong,Bendigo,Ballarat,Seymour,Taralgon


Copyright and Acknowledgements

All Stop and Departure information is provided by Public Transport Victoria. PTV provide a free to use API for accessing these services under the creative commons attribution 4.0 international licence.

All Map Features and Information are provided by Google. The Google Maps API is commercial and is licenced under the following terms. This app conforms to Google's Privacy requirements below.

The rest of the application is copyright (c) Ross Forder 2017